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The Dynamic of Colors - Vol. ii - LOCKDOWN DREAMS
Efthymios' participation in "The Dynamics of Colors - Vol.ii" group exhibition is provided below.

“Lockdown dreams”, Mixed technique with acrylics-charcoal-watercolors-inks on CANSON paper, 100x70 cm., Nov 2021.
Model: Kleo Elspeth Fisher

Artist's statement:

A colourful 'cage', with solid edges in direct contrast with the absolute darkness of the interstellar vacuum, to convey the suffocating feeling caused by the isolation from social surroundings and the resulting loneliness experienced by the human psyche, despite the attractiveness provided by the tool of imprisonment. Despair is represented by the colourless body of the small child, while the undying hope (the key to escape) is shrouded in a bright yellow mist.

The suffocating sense of isolation and the subsequent feeling of loneliness, which is imposed by your personal responsibility towards your relatives, your friends and the society can become mentally painful.

The key is near you, literally in front of your eyes. It's so easy to make the liberating move. However, you hesitate to break its protective shell, because afterwards you will be filled with unbearable feelings of guilt.

Τhe thought that these sudden and vastly different circumstances you are experiencing is a common situation for many people, is what provides you with the relevant comfort to stay hopeful and patient.

One thing is certain, that whenever this nightmare is over you will no longer be the same person. You will not immediately have the same habits and you will not think the same way you did before. Because unexpected and significant changes, do require patience and time to allow yourself to recover.

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Duration: 16 - 24 November 2023
Opening: Thursday, 16 November 2023, 18:00-22:00
Venue: Tsichritzis Foundation for the Visual Arts, Kassaveti 18, 145 62, Kifissia, Greece (GR)

The artwork is showcased in issue #26 of ARTIST TALK magazine (available from 27.07.2023 and on)

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