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Ownership of Site

The following policy (the “Privacy Policy”) concerns the “efthymios P. POURNARAS ART web site” web site located at and all associated sites created and linked to by the owner. The Site is the property of Efthymios Panagiotou Pournaras aka Pournaras Efthymios P. III and from now on will be referred as the owner. BY USING THE SITE, YOU AGREE TO ITS PRIVACY POLICY; IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, DO NOT USE THE SITE.
Owner reserves the right, at his sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of this Privacy Policy, at any time. It is your responsibility to check this Privacy Policy periodically for changes or updates. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of changes or updates will mean that you accept and agree to the changes or updates. As long as you agree with this policy, you grant the owner the privilege to keep the following in effect.

Collection of data and Legal basis

Currently no personal data collection actions performed on the Site's visitors are in effect. The site does not support monetization of the presented written (text) and visual information, goods and/or services and consequently does not collect personal data for customer profiling and relevant purchase transactions. Possible sales of written (text) and visual information, goods and/or services contained in the Site that may be performed via third-party platforms are covered by the privacy policies of these platforms.

The only channels for personal information collection is the form contained in the Contact web page of the Site and the chat support widget mentioned in Social Media paragraph bellow, where the visitors can perform inquiries of their own free will. The obligatory data requested in the aforementioned contact form are required to support the proper communication between the Site Owner and the visitor/information requester. The data are transferred to the Owner via an e-mail service (except for the case of the chat support widget) and kept as communication history. The visitor/information requester retains the right to request the rectification or deletion of his/her personal data at any time as well as gain simple access by receiving a full copy of his\her inquiry\-ies. The Owner is bound to proceed in the timely deletion of the data from his contact service e-mail account, except in the case where the content of the communication is regarded offensive or harmful and generally does not comply with the Terms of Use. In this case, the data will be retained for possible legal actions from the Owner's side as the latter are described in the relevant page of the Site. Data collected in the Contact form: a) Name, b) Surname, c) e-mail address, d) Telephone/Mobile number, e) all other possible information that the visitor/information requester may add in the main message text box. The Site is implemented in a server located in the EU and consequently no cross-border/overseas data transfer is performed. However, the data transfer performed via the chat support widget is covered in the "Social Media" paragraph below.

Browser Cookies

By using this website, you agree to the Owner's use of cookies. The Site currently makes use of technical non-profiling cookies to provide visitors with a great experience and support effective functionality. A dedicated informative banner is accessible in the initial visit to the site, and it disappears when the visitor clicks on the "X" button on the up-right corner or "I agree" button on the right-hand side, an action which is interpreted as an agreement to use the Site with the utilization of the aforementioned technical cookies on an "as is" non configurable basis. The visiting statistics of the site are supported by an on-Site mechanism and consequently no data sharing with third-party analytics platforms is performed.
Social Media

This Site contains links to other independent third-party social media sites (Social Media Sites) and their relative applications for mobile phones/tablets or other communication devices. These third-party sites can collect data through widgets and integrations such as social media buttons and follow/connect buttons. The chat support widget, which also permits communication as a “guest”, is covered in this paragraph. The information the visitor may exchange via his/her messages through the chat is covered by the same retention/rectification/deletion rules that apply for the data collected via the Contact form mentioned in “Collection of data and Legal basis” paragraph above.

Any personal information sharing via the social media whose links are shared in the Contact or any other web page of the Site and mentioned above as Social Media Sites is performed of the visitor's free will. The data collection performed via these Social Media Sites and relevant mobile phone/ tablet, or any other communication device applications cannot be controlled by the owner of this Site. The visitor has to thoroughly read and accept the privacy policies of the various social media providers whose services is making use of. These links to the Social Media Sites are provided solely as a convenience to visitors. Such Social Media Sites are not under owner’s control, and the owner is not responsible for the content of such Social Media Sites, the proper and legal utilization of personal information as well as the management and assurance of security and privacy of the latter. The visitor will need to make his/her own independent judgment regarding his/her interaction with these Social Media Sites.

These Social Media Sites may belong to companies that perform cross-border/overseas data transfers. No measures can be put in place to facilitate this possible transfer in a safe and compliant way, because as already described above and analytically mentioned in the Terms of Use for Linked Sites it does not belong in the field of the Site owner's scope and responsibility.  
The Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice.

  • Privacy Policy introduction date: March 21, 2022
  • 1st Update: March 23, 2022
  • 2nd Update: August 17, 2023

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