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Energy Athens 2024 - Group exhibition
Efthymios' participation in ENERGY Athens 2024 exhibition is provided below. The exhibition aims to bring together different opinions and trends of our time. To combine different techniques and also compose a single image of today's art. To convey the "energy" of our time to all visitors, through the artistic vision of the participating artists.

Efthymios P. Pournaras, “Silence is GOLD”, Mixed technique with acrylics-charcoal-watercolours and inks on CANSON paper, 70x100 cm., Apr 2022.
Model: Phoebe Kate Fisher

Artist's statement:

Sometimes it's better to keep your future in secrecy...
Sometimes, silence is pure GOLD...

Inspired from the well-known Latin proverb "SILENTIUM EST AUREUM". The giant figure of a young girl stands still in the centre of the composition, having broken through the paper-thin surface of the ground coloured with various hues of gold. She holds her finger against her lips, ready to whisper "shhhhhh....!!!!" and her hair locks are defying gravity, reminding us the young people who traditionally react against the status quo. Behind her, a modern city is sleeping in tranquillity. When everyone rests, the creative mind is working tirelessly all night long. The genius personality is unstoppable just like the water, which is represented by the flowing golden and shiny river in the foreground.

More material (e.g., photos, videos) is accessible from the dedicated blog record by clicking on the icon below:

Exhibition Invitation: Click to see the invitation

Duration: 02 Feb - 03 Mar 2024
Opening: Friday, 02 Feb 2024, 18:00-21:00
Venue: The European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies - 74 Mitropoleos Str., Plaka area, 105 63, Athens, Greece (GR)  

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