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... and I remembered that I am a WOMAN! - Innocence of the abyss
Efthymios' participation in "...and I remembered that I am a WOMAN!" group exhibition is provided below. According to the curator, the title of the exhibition comes from the Autobiography of the Zakynthian writer Elizabeth Moujan-Martinegou (1801-1832), an important historical testimony and at the same time the first notable example of female writer in modern Greek writing. The search for freedom by a young woman of the early 19th century, her reaction to hearing the news of the revolution of 1821, but also the realisation of her exclusion from any form of creative life consist the inspiration of this exhibition. Is there any progress regarding the role of women in our societies since then? Have the stereotypes changed? The contemporary visual artists are invited to show, denounce and change the stereotypes through their works.

Innocence of the abyss”, Mixed technique with acrylics-charcoal-watercolours-inks on CANSON paper, 100x70 cm., Aug 2021.
Model: Kleo Elspeth Fisher

Artist's statement:

Do not underestimate my power, I'm so much more than meets your sexistic eye.
Υour miserable inability to interpret the way I think, makes you call my soul an abyss.
But this soul has the presumption of innocence. Do you?

The work is a direct protest against the partial or complete underestimation of the abilities, skills and rights of women and the female gender in general throughout the centuries. The female gender is represented here by a very young girl, at a tender age far removed not only from adulthood, but from adolescence itself. The reason is that the messages of oppression, inferiority and the dogma that males always have priority in life are systematically implanted in mind from a very, very young age.

In an attempt to express resistance to the establishment, the angle of her figure is chosen in a way that makes her appear majestic and imposing in comparison to the small black being, which represents the oppressive side of patriarchy. Her steady, persistent and penetrating gaze reminds us that the inability (on the entity's part) to understand her way of thinking, or the idiosyncratic characteristics of her soul, does not automatically make her a mysterious persona. Furthermore, that all beings in life have the presumption of innocence and should not be treated lightly and carelessly as an unknown, dangerous and turbulent abyss, fraught with danger. All beings can and do shine when given the proper space to breathe, grow and manifest their abilities.

Through the strong contrast between black and white and their arrangement on the canvas, I try to isolate and highlight the primitive emotion of creation, the feeling of the power of women as a bridge of transition in life and that of destruction by patriarchal prejudices in a non-chatty way.

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Duration: 05 - 18 March 2024
Opening: Saturday, 09 March 2024, 19:00.
Venue: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (MCF), 206 Piraeus Str. (near Chamosternas), 177 78, Tavros, Athens, Greece (GR)  

The artwork is showcased in issue #26 of ARTIST TALK magazine (available from 27.07.2023 and on)

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